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Honorary Consulate of the Commonwealth
of the Bahamas in the Czech Republic

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Basic Information

The Bahamas are formed by a group of islands situated in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and consist of a strip of about 700 islands spread along 1,000 kilometres; they are the surfaced part of a large coral limestone shelf. The spine of the Bahamian industry is tourism – tourists come to the Bahamian coast especially due to the abundant undersea life of the coral reefs the discovery of which is very attractive for tourists.

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Health Care

Before travelling to the Bahamas, it is recommended that tourists arrange travel health insurance to cover possible expenses in a comprehensive way. Health care must be paid for in the Bahamas and it is necessary to later claim the related costs from the insurance company after coming back to the Czech Republic.

Travellers from the Czech Republic are not required to have any vaccination; however, vaccination against hepatitis type A and B and tetanus is recommended.

Weather in the Bahamas

Počasí na Bahamách

Interesting Places



The capital of the Bahamas and the most important town of the island of New Providence. Over half of the inhabitants of the Bahamas live on New Providence and the neighbouring Paradise Island. Tourism employs nearly a half of the inhabitants of both islands. Nassau is also the centre of industry and trade of the Bahamas. Attractive tourist sights include Charlotte Fort, which protected the entry in the port from the west. Another fort that you should not miss is Fincastle. It was built by Governor Lord Dunmore at the very end of the 18th century. A water tower, which rises over the fort in a majestic manner, offers a wonderful view of a big part of the city. A limestone staircase will take you from the fort to the town – it was built by slaves flooded with sweat in 1790 to create an escape route for the occupants. There are many artefacts and historical documents dating back to those times. However, the Pompey Museum does not only offer such expositions but also documents the history of slavery in the Bahamas. The Long Bridge links Nassau with a famous Paradise Island, a home to luxurious beaches, a world-renowned golf course, magnificent hotels and top casinos. However, the island is also a fishing paradise. According to local inhabitants, you are sure to have a catch within 15 minutes from the moment you dip the float into the sea.

Andros Town


One of the most important towns of the island of Andros, which is the biggest island. Eternal greenery and wild orchids resplendent in almost every colour possible are only some of the reasons for which Andros is sometimes, rather boldly, called Eden. Along the whole perimeter of the island there are dozens of beautiful beaches due to which thousands of tourists come here every year and thus provide employment to a great number of local inhabitants. The surroundings of the island are famous due to perfect conditions for diving, which is also popular as the average temperature of the water is 26.5 °C. Only a short way from the coast you can also admire the beauty of coral canyons and the unique features of the colourful submarine world.
In the heart of the island you can fully enjoy the beauty of local intact tropical countryside with rare birds, over forty kinds of wild orchids, wild pigs and iguanas.



One of the biggest towns of the island of Grand Bahama, which is said to be the second most sought after tourist destination of the country. Whereas in other towns, for example in Nassau, historic buildings are combined with newer buildings, Freeport is clearly a modern town. Like New Providence, the island of Grand Bahamas boasts long pearl-white beaches, luxurious hotels and casinos, which are situated in its centre. Grand Bahama is also home to the largest system of underground water caves in the world, which you can find in the Lucaya National Park. It is situated approximately thirty kilometres east of Freeport, and visitors are especially attracted by an incredible diversity of ecosystems.

Long Island


Is the place where you can find the most noticeable contrasts of all Bahamian islands. The east coast with its coral rock formations is washed by permanently rough sea, while the west coast is calm and quiet. You may also find similar places in the neighbouring Crooked Island or Great Inagua. You can reach Long Island from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Several local airlines fly to the island from there twice a day, e.g. Bahamas Air, Southern Air or Sky Bahamas. Long Island has two airports – Stella Maris in the north and Deadman’s Cay in the middle. The flight takes approximately 45 minutes. Or you can take a carrier boat from the port of Nassau, which sails out every Tuesday. The voyage is rather adventurous and takes 12-15 hours. But you will have to find a seat among boxes with goods, containers, vehicles or animals loaded aboard.

Public Holidays

  • New Year
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Whit Monday (7 weeks after Easter)
  • Labour Day (the first Friday of June)
  • Independence Day – 10 July (1973)
  • Emancipation Day (the first Monday of August)
  • Discovery Day – 12 October
  • Christmas – 25 and 26 December
  • Public holidays which fall on Saturday or Sunday are usually taken on Friday or Monday.

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